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At PINK, we believe that no animal should suffer pain or be killed in the name of beauty!
All of our products are:

  • Free from animal ingredients
  • Free from animal testing
  • RSPO approved if they contain Palm Oil (sourced from sustainable, responsible growers)

We recently adopted ‘Chocolate’ through The Orangutan Project. He was orphaned when his mother was killed by deforestation workers. Learn more about this crisis at


Sex: Male
Birth date: June 2010
Arrival date: 17 June 2012
Rehabilitation centre: Batu Mbelin Quarantine Centre
Physical condition: Healthy
Chocolate was confiscated from villagers in Southwest Aceh. He was very thin, with dry skin and dull, wiry hair. By chance, his confiscation coincided with the presence of a film crew from NBC in the USA, and Paul Hilton, a well known photographer based in Hong Kong, so the whole process was well documented. Both were in the area covering a spate of recent fires in the nearby Tripa peat swamp forests, from where Chocolate without doubt originates. He was named Chocolate, as someone stopped at a roadside store to buy some chocolate, and was then informed during discussions with locals about an orangutan for sale, hence the name… Chocolate has now been introduced to another young infant male orangutan, named ‘Pandu’, from Kutacane in South East Aceh. At first Chocolate seemed not so interested in ‘Pandu’, and ‘Pandu’ seemed a little afraid of his new room-mate. But after a month they were much happier and were often seen playing together